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The different options for buying a good saddle

The stools are definitely not all the same. As already comparing the diversity of saddles on the market, there are still some differences lines. There are many equestrian traditions in the world, but the subdivision does not end there.

Studies of equestrian specialists

Each has, in turn, many specializations why cwd used saddles are not all identical, or US stools, Spanish, buttered tell us more stories. Limiting yourself to English riding, there are full of models jumping, dressage, endurance, polo..., each with its own shape characteristics, material and weight, according to the task to execute.

How to buy a saddle?

Within the Olympic disciplines, purchase characteristics depend on the applied discipline. For horses that jump, the fine used saddle is easier for you and the horse. In dressage, saddle chooses, will have rights and elongated districts, the seat is deeper and the blade is high, all for a deeper fork. The cushions that rest on the horse's back are much higher than the jumping saddle to cushion the weight of the rider sitting still.

The saddle and the back of the horse

One of the saddles and back is a complex topic as unknown. Very often, the process of buying the horse before its equipment. Leaving aside considerations about the possibility of buying a horse too soon, when you think you are ready, the first mistake is often made when purchasing the saddle. In general, the saddle is bought based on a price, aesthetics (decorations, etc.) or perhaps because it is used. Unfortunately, it often happens that bought the saddle is not good for the horse or good for us. Sometimes one notices immediately, sometimes after a short time and often never. Or we pretend not to see, and eventually the problems become damage on the back of poor horse.

We know that this worn saddle is made of leather, hence its maintenance, however, synthetic saddles are much improved nowadays, so take a look at the catalogs of your equestrian shop online.

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